What is the process or best way to get wholesale custom decals, engravings or a WRS. How to make custom wholesale orders.

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After the customer agrees to the customized product, including fees and turnaround time…

  1. Get artwork from the customer (as explained in Process Information Training)
  2. Submit the order and notify superior to switch status to “Wholesale (Needs shipping quote)
  3. Click on this LINK to fill out the Custom Artwork Form for Engravings and WRS’s.  Here is the Spread Sheet
  4. Art Department will send you a mock-up of the artwork for approval
  5. Sales Associate confirms mockup with the customer and collects payment information, if not done so already 
  6. Sales Associate sends a confirmation back to the Art Department to start production
  7. Sales Manager notifies Sales Associate when order is finalized and ready to ship 
  8. Sales Associate confirms payment amount, with shipping, and takes payment
  9. Order is shipped
  10. The Sales Associate should follow up to confirm the order has arrived and looks great

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