What is the estimated cost for equipment and a torch for someone wanting to get into glassblowing? What all do I need to start blowing glass?

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The first thing is to take a look at our glass 101.

Get to know the terms, techniques, and tools found in glass

One can get started for a few hundred dollars and it will be a bit ghetto.  Or one can invest a few thousand dollars for a nice setup.

Here is a beginners list we feel good about.  Some things can be forgotten, but this is a solid list.

  1. Torch
    1. Go with a national.  If you ever want to upgrade you will have a super universal hand torch.  It is an ultimate torch and I wish I knew how great it was 13 years ago.  Get a few tips, but go with a 12 hole to start with.
    2. A stand for the torch is also a good idea.
  2. Propane Tank and Regulator
  3. Oxygen Tank and Regulator (Get a K tank or even bigger and go with a T tank)
  4. Propane and Oxy hose
  5. Hose Clamps
  6. Exhaust Fan
  7. Table with a metal top
  8. A slab of graphite or tile.  We love graphite as it will last for a long time if you take care of it.
  9. Clear glass rod and tubing
  10. Colored glass rod
  11. Kiln (while many people will try to get by without one, it is not recommended)  You can not fully anneal your glass without one, therefore you would make a shitty product.
  12. Maybe a graphite hand paddle.



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