What is the difference of a background and a logo for a WRS Silver and Super Surfer Vaporizer and why we need both if the logo is just a logo.

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The WRS is the highest end vaporizer we have to offer.  This is where we can print an image and sublimate it into the powder coating.

Why do we not like to make a WRS with just a logo?  Well, because we can do so so much more.  We can print millions of colors at 300 dpi.  This makes a very high quality image and the art looks great.  This is why we ask to have the art at such a high dot per inch.  The higher the resolution, the better the WRS Surfer will look.

What is a Logo?

The logo is what defines a company or brand.  This is usually always clean and simple.  A great logo looks good in black and white as well as in color.

Examples of logos:


What is an Image?

An image is a photo or artwork that will be placed on the custom WRS Surfer.  The image must meet our quality standards and look good when we make the template at 300dpi.  So your art will be best at 300 dpi.  You can get by with a lower quality image but no lower than 200 dpi or the image will start to look blurry.

Look at both images below.  They both look the same right?  Well they are not.  Click on the high quality image and see how big it really is.  Then click on teh small one and see its real size.  Printing and computer screens are differnt.  The average computer screen is 72dpi while the average print is 250 dpi.  Because computer and priting are differnt platforms, you must be careful if you get an image from the web.  You must look for images that are 1920 wide or larger.  1920 wide will still not be as clean as a 11 inch wide image at 300 dpi.

  • High Quality
  • Low Quality

What is Background?

A background is an image that can fully wrap around the WRS Surfer.  When we work with a company or brand and they have a logo, we must also have a background image that the logo will go on top of.  There are many options for this.

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