What is Reclaim, and is it Safe to Consume?

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Ok, so from our point of view reclaim is trash.  It’s like the duff or ABV leftover from vaping flower.  The terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids are still connected to the fats and lipids.  At a good low-temperature dab the compounds vaporizer and the fats and lipids are left behind.  This leftover is what some will call reclaim.


Now, can this still get you high?  YES, but this comes down to a few ideas.  If you used a banger the sweet spot is only a short time and if you do a low temp dab, the temperature could go below the ideal vaping them of 428-450.  If this happens compounds will be left in the reclaim.  To solve this we recommend using the dab dish to hold the perfect low temperature that you like.  Or you can use an enail, but an enail can never be a vape, while our vapes can do both.

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