What is Powder Coating and the process?

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Powder coating is using a dry powder to coat the metal.  Powder coating is a very tough and durable coating.  The powder sticks to the metal as the powder is charged – and the metal is charged +.  This allows the powder to stick to the metal.

The metal must be sandblasted, then cleaned in order to offer the best surface, giving it the best ability for the powder coating to stick to the metal.

The powder is charged to about 80,000 volts so it becomes charged.  To really learn more about powder coating watch the video below.

What makes the SSV WRS so unique?

Well the SSV WRS units actually are powder coated 2 times.  We are very proud that our WRS units actually are a work of art in the powder coating world.  The first coat is white and is then baked.  Once baked, it is removed from the setup to bake it and it then gets a wet sanding to make it extra smooth.  Then the tube get put back up on the setup and a clear sublimation powder then lies on top of the white.  This clearly is what allows the ink to penetrate and absorb.

The art once done is like a tattoo, the art is IN the powder coating as when we bake the image into the powder, once the powder hits a certain temperature and the ink hits that same temperature, the ink pops off the paper and goes into the powder.  Your art is then there for good!

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