What is a Vaporizer?

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A vaporizer is a device used to heat an herbal product gently to a temperature high enough to vaporize or boil the active compounds in the herbal product. The active compounds in cannabis such as THC, CBD, THCv, and CBG just to name a few, will be released at temperatures lower than 435 degrees. Ideal vaporizing temperatures range from 290 degrees to 428 degrees. Any temp above the 450-degree threshold will cause burning(smoke not vapor). Vaporizers allow you to enjoy the active compounds without the negative effects of smoking. Smoke contains toxic by-products and only about 20% of the active cannabinoids, vapor contains 95% of the available cannabinoids and 5% of the remaining fragrant plant oils. This makes vaporizing much more effective, healthier and more cost-efficient! Vapor is also much cleaner, it does not linger in the air and does not cling to fabrics and clothing. This makes vaporizing less intrusive to the people around you.

There are 2 primary heating methods a vaporizer may use.

There are two categories we divide Vaporizers into. The first is what we refer to as Table-Top devices. This category includes all devices that require you to plug into an electric source. We also call them home units, made to be used at home. These units are built for longevity and heavy use. Table-Top devices can have 1 of 2 delivery methods, this means how do I get the vapor from the device to my lungs. The first is whip style. This simply means a tube/hose is used, one end attaches to the vaporizer and you would gently draw vapor through the hose. Much like a hookah. The second uses what are called vapor bag balloons. The device will fill the balloons with vapor, a valve on the balloon allows you to draw only what you need while saving the vapor in the balloon. This is better for people with weaker lungs.

The second is portable devices. These devices have rechargeable batteries to power them and are small and discreet, giving the user the freedom to take the device out in the yard or to different rooms of the house. Some other units use a torch to vaporize.

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