What is a ruby insert?

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The ruby inserts are a fairly new product and VERY pricy! They apparently are better at retaining heat and do not chazz like quartz often does over time.  But quartz only chazzes if you overheat it with containments.  This we feel is a gimmick and one would be better off getting a Silver Surfer with the quartz dab dish.  

The issue with an insert and using a banger with a torch is you can never get the right heat.  The perfect heat is only for a fraction of time.  Then it cools.  This is why many people overheat as the heat drops too fast for the perfect dab.

We also feel a thicker banger holds heat better than an insert.  The insert does not add heat, it sucks the heat from the banger.  Therefore you must have extra heat in the banger for the insert to get hot enough, and then as you

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