What is a Conduction, Convection, and Hybrid Vaporizer?

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Convection and conduction are two different ways of heating things. In Vaporizing, both terms refer to how the products (herb or concentrates) are heated in order to reach the evaporation temperature when vaporization begins. Convection means that the herbs are heated with a stream of hot air. Conduction means that the material is heated through contact of a hot surface. Usually, it contacts through the heating chamber walls. Conduction vaporizers have a quicker heat-up time and produce greater amounts of vapor. They require constant stirring to make sure all of the product gets heated evenly. Conduction vapes may combust (burn) the product. Combustion has a negative impact on the flavor and can cause the vapor to be harsh. The chances of combustion are almost zero in a convection style vaporizer, as there is no direct contact. Hot air passes through the material and heats it evenly so there is minimal need to shake or stir your products. They tend to be more expensive due to the complicated heating system and amount of parts. They are not as easy to use as a conduction style vaporizer. Hybrid devices are a mix of conduction and convection heating. They take what’s best from both the two worlds and combine it into one vaporizer. The products are heated both by hot air and the walls of the heating chamber. Hybrids provide a lot of vapor from the very beginning of inhalation (like all conduction vaporizers) and the active substances are released from the herbs or concentrate as effectively as in a convection style vape.

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