What does it mean if the customer’s vapor experience changes all of a sudden while using the sidekick? i.e. has to hit it harder, foul tasting product while vaping, etc

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If the customer is experiencing a sudden change in the vapor experience when using the sidekick a few different things may be going on. We want to check for a couple of things:
1. Unit powers on and heats up and down properly
2. Unit is fully cleaned and free of debris
3. Bowl is cleaned out regularly\
4. For best flavor we recommend 6-7.5 on dry herbs, with the lower the temp, the better the flavor. Or less roasted flavor. Towards the end of the bowl, the user will experience a more robust roasted flavor. This is natural and due to the roasting of the plant materials. It brings out other flavors, much like roasting of coffee.

We have noticed quite a few Sidekicks that come in for repair that just needed to be taken apart and cleaned. Have the customer open the bottom of their unit and pull the Vortex Chamber out and make sure it is free of debris and the air holes are not being blocked by any residue. If the Vortex Chamber is clean and the issue persists, have the customer completely pull the unit apart and inspect the entire vapor airway for residue or debris. If all of the above were done and the issue still persists we should follow the regular warranty/repair procedures and have the customer send the unit back to us to have it looked at.

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