What do I do if the customer has a Sidekick that has sticking buttons?

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The buttons on the Sidekick may stick from time to time depending on how the customer is using it. We have found that if they start to stick and cause the unit to be inoperable it may be because the customer is using the Sidekick for concentrates and is not using the oil can rather opting for the flavor disc alone instead. This is ok, but they have to know that they must change out the flavor disc, and also clean out the dish. They should on a regular basis also clean out the heater cleanout area. Ask the customer if they’re using the Sidekick for concentrates and how they’re using it. If the above is true then it may be that there has been some residue leaking into the unit from regularly vaping concentrates and has caused the buttons to get stuck to the board inside. We do not advise the customer to open the unit and clean it instead they should mail it in following the normal repair/warranty procedures so that it can be opened and cleaned for them.

We have in the company removed the batteries and soaked the entire unit in 91% alcohol. This will remove the oils that have built up over time. You may have to soak the unit for a day or two, depending how much leaked down. You may also have to change out the alcohol a few times as it gets dirty from the oil. Once the oil has dissolved and is off the buttons on the inside, the customer should remove it and do one more clean soak to make sure it is good. Then remove it from the alcohol as the alcohol stays clean now and let it FULLY dry. We recommend 24 hours of drying. No smell should be left of alcohol. NEVER EVER SOAK THE UNIT WITH BATTERIES IN IT. THEY MUST BE REMOVED!!!!

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