What are the Drop Shipper Requirments?

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Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you!  This is a really neat opportunity for us, as in 2003 Steve was selling adult toys as a drop shipper, so

  1. You must have our vaporizers on your site to include the Silver Surfer, Super Surfer, SideKick, WaxMaxer and Elev8r Vape.  All of which are our own unique designs that are feature-packed.  We understand that the SSV comes in a lot of colors.  Please at least have our basic units, if not a few of the WRS units.  They REALLY add some heady flair to your store.  
  2. If you sell glass we ask that you sell our top 10 American-made Elev8 Premier pipes.  Hey, nothing wrong with American-made!  We also have a very high quality yet affordable line of foreign glass called Elev8.   What makes us unique is that we inspect every piece.  On top of that, you can actually customize it with American glass marbles.
  3. If you sell any kinda beauty products, we want to have a spot there too, please!  We are sure you will love our Elev8 Doll bath bombs, and with the trade-in program, no other bath bomb can compete!
  4. You are free to use our images as you wish so long as you do not alter them.  If there is a watermark, it must stay there.  YEARS have gone into making these images, and while we want you to use them, we want to have a little love for the hard work that goes into them.  You can always use your own pictures. 
  5. Help us promote our events like Elev8 Glass Open.  This opens the door to more exposure and your fans may not know how unique the SSV can be.

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