Social Media Posting Guidelines For Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & More for HEAD SHOPS

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Learn To Use KineMaster For Making Videos
  • Only use the shop’s social media.
  • Do not make your own special account for Elev8.
  • You can tag people from your personal account to the shops
  • You can not tag people from the shops to your account
  • Hustle glass on the shop page and earn bonuses.  If you post a piece of glass and make sure your emoji is on the post and the glass sells you get commission.

Elev8/Elev8 Presents Hemp

Social media is very important for our company.  Social media allows us to communicate with the world and show off our brand.

We have a policy we have come up with to help us all stay on the same page for promoting our Elev8 brand the best we can.


Pick any  of these options to ensure varied posts:

  1. Spotlight on glass that is in the store (blower, one piece, the whole line, etc.)
    1. Feel free to show off an artists collection we have on IGTV to get a longer video.
    2. Look at @postivevibes and @52nd_glass_shop
  2. Product knowledge on vaping or dabbing accessories, not just showing what is available, but also explaining the uses, experience, materials, etc.
    1. Did you know things can be pulled from Elev8 Presents to help
    2. Tips and Tricks.  These should not take up more than 5% of the profile
  3. Mention the upcoming or current sale
    1. Any time you post this you will take down the prior one.  We will not have sales in our profile, just the one sale we keep at the top.
  4. Customer shout outs
    1. Like when a customer gets a dope rig, get their Instagram and tag them.

Feel free to do videos and function videos

Video Guidelines

  1. Always be happy and excited, make sure to amp your energy
  2. Always be clean and if you show hands make sure they are clean or wear something or move the phone into it on a display case or however you are recording the piece.   Keep it clean
  3. Function test
    1. We do not want a mans face in the video.  Preferably use a piece of ssv tubing and put it in the mouthpiece end.  If it needs to be bigger use the wide adapter
    2. If you must have a face only a females face will work.
  • 2-3  instagram posts should be done a day on the shops page and shared to facebook.
  • Check previous posts before posting to make sure we are not double posting items.  You can for sure go back to a post and copy and repost.   Just make sure your delete the old post.  This is perfectly acceptable to keep the nice glass at the top of the page.
  • If a specific item has already been posted that month do NOT do another post on it. If it is a different item but is by the same artist/company it CAN be posted.
  • Try to just post glass on this page. If you are in the picture holding a piece or are shown in a function video that is fine just no selfies on this page.  Feel free to take a few images of the piece and put them in the same post.  We are trying to sell glass and products, this is not a personal page so we want to focus on what makes Elev8.  You are what makes Elev8 extra special and this becomes extremely important in the communications you have on social media with our fans.
  • Make sure all captions have correct spelling and punctuation! This is super important.
    • You can type in a google doc and then copy past if you are like Steve and can not spell well.
  • Use emojis in the captions if possible.
  • Each post should have eight# hashtags and you should ALWAYS put your emoji after so we know who did each post.
  • Make sure the caption is catchy and flows nicely. You want to have at least two sentences. Talk more about the details of the piece and tell fewer stories about it.
  • ALWAYS tag the glass artist or maker of the product you are posting! Make sure you are tagging the correct artist or company.
  • You can “go live” on Instagram when you’re at a show promoting, unwrapping new glass, or anything you think our Elev8 family would be interested in watching. This shows what it’s like to be an Elev8 employee and gives them a behind the scenes sneak peek. Most importantly, it gets us more attention.  People can comment or like the video while it’s still live. If someone shared a live video replay to their story, you’ll see it at the top of the feed with a play button and a colorful ring around it.  People cannot comment on these but they can respond by sending a Direct Message(DM). To do so you go to the Instagram homepage and swipe right, it will give you options to take a picture, boomerang, superzoom, rewind, and live. If you want to do a story take a picture or video and add to the story (bottom left corner). If you want to go live swipe over to live and hold down the button.
  • You can do as many Instagram “stories” as you’d like. Try to do at least do one a day. (To do so go to the Instagram home page and swipe right. You can take pictures or videos.)
  • Instagram has a new algorithm to “keep things fresh.” Your instagram feed isn’t just based on who you follow, it’s also based on who and what you like. Instagram uses your past behavior to generate a unique feed for everyone. Even if you follow the exact same people as someone else, you’ll get different results based on how you interacted with those accounts. Instagram predicts how much you are going to like a post, your relationship with that person, and it prioritizes recent posts. If you are commenting on someone’s posts or they are continuously tagging us in stuff, it shows we are “friends or family” and they are more likely to see our posts. This is why we want to tag artists and brands that we sell and post.  The more interaction we have with people the more they will see us. Posting a lot will not affect your page views, your posts will just show up more spaced out.  The algorithm does not favor personal or business accounts, just because you have a business account it doesn’t mean you will be seen more.

Elev8 Dolls

  • 1 Instagram post should be done a day on the Elev8dolls page
  • Post should not be store specific.
  • The post should be more reposts of others that are promoting us
  • Try to incorporate the customers. Post a picture of them with the product they’re buying or if they bring their pet take a picture of or with the furry fella.
  • No glass by itself should be posted on this page, dolls is about the people in the cannabis community not the glass.  It can be a person with glass and this is very good.
  • Make sure all captions have correct spelling and punctuation! This is super important!
  • Use emojis in the captions.
  • Always put hashtags that are related to what you are posting. Each post should have eight hashtags and you should ALWAYS put your emoji after so we know who did each post.