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Home Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) z-RETAIL HEAD SHOP GUIDES
Can you trade in a 10mm for a 14mm with our banger trade in program?


Do Elev8 brand water pipes have to be a certain price to get commission like the Elev8 Premier items, and do Elev8 Bangers constitute as Elev8 brand?

All Elev8 Glass pays the commission.  See more

How To Use Trello for Headshop Retail

Trello is an amazing tool we use here at Elev8 to manage and track jobs or takes that require the use of more than one department.  This allows the job to be tracked and checked off so it is fully done. Watch this video to learn more Go to your main board and click in the the […]

How to get the 6 monitors are HEMP to show up from the computer upstairs

This is for sure a tough thing.  But with this, you should be able to do it easily. First, see if Chrome is open on the second monitor. If it is not, open a new Chrome Browser window. It may open on the second monitors, in which case click on the App in the start […]

How do I make a function video with KineMaster?

How to make a function video: 1. Using the Function Video Stage upstairs (polished metal table) film all clips that you will need. Get a clip with at least one full rotation on the turntable (landscape mode), one clip panning upwards from the bottom of the rig to the top (do this one in portrait […]

Social Media Posting Guidelines For Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & More for HEAD SHOPS

Learn To Use KineMaster For Making Videos Basic Elev8 Guide For Elev8 Glass Gallery Posts Only use the shop’s social media. Do not make your own special account for Elev8. You can tag people from your personal account to the shops You can not tag people from the shops to your account Hustle glass on […]

who do i pass customers along to when they contact us when they have issues with a website order

If a customer contacts you from a website sale, please have them contact our customer service at 719-570-9928 or at If there is a person that comes to the headshop looking for anyone with insurance or anything else really, always refer them to customer care, phone or email.

Elev8 Non Compete Employee Document

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