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How to refine search in Big Commerce when looking for a pipe. What is re-creatable and what is sold. What can I sell my customer.

You can add these filters on top to remove all of the items that are not re-creatable: If it has an image that says “SOLD” then it’s not recreatable, re-creatable pieces get their own image, like this:

Does the elev8.ONE app run on iOS (iPhone/iPad)?

Yes and No, unfortunately, Elev8 is small and is not able to build the platform to work on both.  It does work mostly on a browser, so it can work 80% on IOS.  The scanner function may  not work  

What is the best way to mine for followers on Social Media?

Jeff has found that if you go to a store or glassblower and see who is interacting on their page. Go to the page of the person that is interacting, follow them and now follow who they are following. Or who is following them? For example, go to @elev8glassgallery find who is commenting on their …

What is a Whip or Wand

The wand is what holds your herb and connects to the Vehicle. What is a Whip? A whip consists of a wand, tubing and a (mouthpiece or water pipe adapter)

I have an issue with Elev8 One, what should I do for my wholesale order?

If you have any issues and need help, please contact Sachin at also CC  

Do I get commision when I use my 45% discount

No, you do not get paid any commission on your 45% discounts No commission is applied to any promotion or discount that results in 30% or more

How do I make a function video with KineMaster?

How to make a function video: 1. Using the Function Video Stage upstairs (polished metal table) film all clips that you will need. Get a clip with at least one full rotation on the turntable (landscape mode), one clip panning upwards from the bottom of the rig to the top (do this one in portrait …

Social Media Posting Guidelines For Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & More for HEAD SHOPS

Learn To Use KineMaster For Making Videos Basic Elev8 Guide For Elev8 Glass Gallery Posts Only use the shop’s social media. Do not make your own special account for Elev8. You can tag people from your personal account to the shops You can not tag people from the shops to your account Hustle glass on …

When using an iPhone how do I post clips from Google Drive to Instagram/TikTok etc?

This is really easy to do on Android, but if you’re using an iPhone the process can be a little tricky. Go to the Google Drive link and click the “…” settings button in the top right, then choose “Open in” (the icon looks like a D-pad with four arrows). The video will export and …

How do i find your new intro and outro video’s for instagram

Intro and Outro videos can be found here Other shared media is here.