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The Elev8 Ambassador process and how to grow together

Thanks for looking into our street team ambassador program featuring Elev8 products and more importantly the Silver Surfer. Sign up as an Ambassador as a: Foundation Caterpillar Butterfly Sign up for an Elev8 Glass Gallery account Sign up and take Elev8 University Retail if you are wanting to be a caterpillar or Butterfly. If you …

Protected: On Boarding an Elev8 Ambassador for Retail and Wholesale and Elev8 At Home

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How do I find my Ambassador Promo Code.

Your Ambassador promo code can be found two places. When you signed up for the Ambassador program you will have received an email that contained your Promo codes. Scroll to near the bottom and there is a block of text with your Personal (1-XXX) and Code to Share with Others (2-XXX) promo codes. If you …

Protected: Premier Photos Internal

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How do I attend Wholesale Elev8 University?

Please go to Butterfly sign up on and see both options.

Protected: Elev8 Artist Letter to send out to artist when they get 5 items lists for 1lb free butter

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How to order cremation art glass as an Elev8 Ambassador or for wholesale

Cremation glass can be a process, and we want to make it easy for all and make it right Work with the customer to find what they like.  The fastest and easiest way is to pick an item we already have, or we can make a item like what we have. Custom work that has …

Monthly Retail Store Cr commission for Elev8 Ambassadors

Retail Store Credit commission Login into Big C Click Orders Click Search Scroll to Search by date Scroll to Custom Period Enter the full calendar month Click Search This will take you to Export Template and File Format Options You can check the status of an Elev8 Ambassador on this sheet Adding Store Credit to …

How to refine search in Big Commerce when looking for a pipe. What is re-creatable and what is sold. What can I sell my customer.

You can add these filters on top to remove all of the items that are not re-creatable: If it has an image that says “SOLD” then it’s not recreatable, re-creatable pieces get their own image, like this:

Does the elev8.ONE app run on iOS (iPhone/iPad)?

Yes and No, unfortunately, Elev8 is small and is not able to build the platform to work on both.  It does work mostly on a browser, so it can work 80% on IOS.  The scanner function may  not work