How to order cremation art glass as an Elev8 Ambassador or for wholesale

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Cremation glass can be a process, and we want to make it easy for all and make it right

  1. Work with the customer to find what they like.  The fastest and easiest way is to pick an item we already have, or we can make a item like what we have.
    1. Custom work that has not been done before will take more time.  Sorry, the glassblower also has to feel it, and new projects can be scarry to the blowers at times.
    2. Cremation glass we have
    3. Looking at this glass will also help to determine what the new glass cremation piece might cost.
  2. Fill out this form for your customer, or have them fill it out
  3. Jeff will contact you to inform you what he thinks it will cost.  Then you can bill the customer and collect the money.
  4. You place an order in Big C for the part
  5. You can contact Jeff to let him know you have a project coming.  Jeff will contact the customer if there is any info needed.
    1. (719) 301-0774
  6. Jeff will fill out a TRELLO CARD NOT YET MADE to get paid.
  7. Once the item is made it will be delivered to Elev8 Distribution for Images and to put on the site for other inspiration.