Is it safer to use Hemp wick over a straight flame from a lighter, to smoke ?

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This is really based on your preference.  Some people do not like the taste of butane and prefer the flavor produced from the hemp wick.

Anything in your lungs other than air is not good.  Vaping is cleaner and is perceived to be way healthier than smoking.

Anyone that is into a hemp wick we feel is a perfect person to introduce the Silver Surfer to.  They use the hemp wick in search of better flavor, but nothing beats a vape.  Even using the hemp wick still produces a flame of 2000 degrees and still combusts the flower.  Let them know that with a vape the bioavailability is near 80% while smoking is 30%.  Also, let them know that up to 60% of active ingredients are destroyed during combustion.

Hemp wicks are made from HEMP

Hemp wicks are no safer to smoke than any other thing.  Smoking is not healthy for you compared to vaping.

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