Is American made glass truly higher quality than china glass? Why?

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Ahhh, what is quality.  This is a thing.  So the true answer is NO.  Glass is just made from sand, and many times China is actually using Shotte glass, or they are now using their own glass that is near on par with other glass.

Quality in terms of glass is clean welds, is it thick and does it function?  If it does all of these it is of good quality.

So why do they say China glass sucks?  Well, many times an American brought in some cheap glass to push the price down.  Well, the consumer should never buy this.  Sometimes American companies bring in parts like percs to help keep costs down.  This is the world community.

We have seen shit glass from all over.  Shit glass is from someone that is learning or trying to make glass too fast.


Because when you buy American you are helping your community more than when you buy from overseas.  Buy American when you love art, when you love to support your neighbor when you can do with less, but really have more.


Because you are new to the industry, or you do not have a lot of cash, or you just love a lot of cheap stuff.

Either way, get what makes you happy now and in the future!

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