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The great thing about us is we can white label many of our items with a shop logo and our Elev8 logo.  This really helps a shop to market to their customers with their brand, while also pushing our brand.

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Decals work best at these sizes below for pipes and dab straws.

Glass Decal:

We can order custom decals, for a wholesale account, to be put on pretty much any piece of glass. For a brand new design, there is a $50 set up fee. The decals would then cost $0.50 per decal, with a minimum of 200 decals ordered. We would need the customer to send us the image, and let us know if they would like the decal in full color, or just in Platinum. We will also need to know size or a description of the application they were using it for so we can figure out the best size to go with. The decal can take 2-3 weeks to come in after ordering.

  • Once the glass is ordered and the decals are in, there will be a $1.00 charge per decal to install on the glass.

    • Up Front Cost = $50 set up fee + $0.50 per decal (minimum 200).

    • Later Order Cost = Glass price + $1.00 installation fee


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