How do you smoke a chillum “sadhu style?”

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This is neat.  A chillum is not a bat but is always called a bat and we feel this is not proper.  A true chillum to us is one that has the mouthpiece hole on the side.  You then hold it in your hand and inhale through your hand without putting your lips on the pipe.


The chillum is a straight conical smoking pipe of unknown origin, traditionally used for smoking cannabis and opium. Although no one is completely certain who used them first, their earliest use dates back to the 18th century, where they were used by the holy men of India (Sadhus) and Hindu Monks from the Himalayan region. In fact, the loved phrase “boom Shankar” comes from the use of a chillum, where holy men would raise the pipe to their forehead upon lighting it, to invite Shiva and the other Gods to come and enjoy the pleasure of their bountiful hash with them.

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