How do you get a banger or bowl unstuck from your bong?

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These things happen.

How to solve this?  Below are some good tries.  One is not better than the other, but more of another way to try if one did not work.

  • Add some WD40 to the joint and let it soak for some time and then try to pull.  Always wear a glove when pulling on the glass-like this as the glass can break.
  • Freeze your piece.  Then after it is super cold take a lighter or a torch (if using a torch do not overheat the glass.   Just heat is to warm it) and heat up the outer joint.  The outside will get warm first and it should expand with the stuck joint inside and expanding after the other joint.  This should allow the joints to free.
  • If you have done some dabs or vaped a lot, you could have some oils on the joints.  If this is the case its going to be hard with hard oils.  Use a lighter to heat the joints up, making the oils get softer and should allow the part to come out.
  • If this failes we have used a kiln to help this.  This can be done if you bring in your piece cleaned to one of the shops.   In a few days we will get it back from running it in a kiln at Elev8 Premier.  If this fails we can try to break the inside joint out.  This takes a lot of time to not break the rig, but we have been very successful.  Sometimes in bad circumstances, we must regrind the joint to fully get the inner out.  We do not know why this happens other than do not force the joints together.  Just lay it in there.

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