How do you do the wrap and rake technique?

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One of the more basic yet when done right can be just amazing! This technique gives the glass like a scallop effect of dragging effect.


– This part of the technique is what will give the underlying pasterns and colors. You will take a warm piece of glass, the hotter the better so the colored glass will stick to it. You can also fume the glass and wrap with clear or any color for that mater. To wrap the glass you must develop a technique of spinning the hot glass while taking a stringer off the clear or colored rod of glass. The faster you spin the thinner the stringer lines, the slower the thicker the stringer lines will be. Once you have it wrapped I like to heat up the color or clear stringers that wrap the glass and paddle them slightly to the glass to make sure they are sticking good. Wrap


– This is the second part of the technique that will give the wrap the near effect. Mostly I use a clear 5mm rod for this, but you can use nearly any color, while transparent tend to give the best effect. To start the rake process you will pre heat the glass rod you will be using to rake. Then heat up a line on the glass you wrapped. Once you have the line heated you will run the flame at an angle so that you just slightly hit the wrapped glass while pulling the clear through the wrapped glass. This is what make the pulling effect as you will pull the clear through the spun color. Repeat this over and over. You can go close next the the prior rake, or you can go further away. You can even rake towards you, then rake away. There are a ton of things you can do with this technique and never seems to get old.


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