How Do I Set Up a Vaporizer Repair Order?

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  1. Have the customer register the vaporizer if they haven’t already done so. They must register by clicking the ‘Registration’ link or the ‘Register Now’ button on our Warranty page. If the customer is on the phone, we can file the warranty registration for them. 
  2. Have the customer file a claim for the repair service using the proper form online (click the ‘file a claim’ button on the Warranty page). If the customer is on the phone we will file this for them.
  3. Offer the customer a repair kit and instructions, or offer our mail-in repair service.
  4. Never ask customers if they prefer to mail the unit to us themselves, it is better for us to provide a return label to the customer so that we can keep track of the shipment.  If a customer has already mailed their unit in, go through all these steps (without creating a return label) to ensure proper filing.
  5. Open a ticket for the customer’s repair service on BigCommerce.
    1. Choose line item ‘Warranty Repair (choose device)’. It will automatically populate to have a dollar amount.  If the vape is covered under warranty change the price of the service to $0.
    2. The initial shipping amount will be the cost of the return label, you can get this by running a quote on ShipStation (click the calculator icon at the top of the page).
    3. Advise the customer that a ticket has been opened and that any emails about this ticket are not a request for payment. Once the item has been repaired, the order will be updated to reflect the amount due. If their unit is out of warranty the cost will be the $30 repair fee plus shipping costs. If the unit is in warranty then we will only charge for shipping costs. 
  6. Inform the customer via email or phone that they must remove all of the glass components from their vaporizer, and if the vaporizer is dirty it should be cleaned with alcohol before being shipped to us. Shipping carriers will reject any package that has a noticeable smell of cannabis. If we receive a dirty vaporizer we will charge an additional cleaning fee. If we receive dirty glass components they will be thrown away and the customer will have to purchase these components again unless they already have spares.
  7. Prepare a return label for the customer and email it to them from your Elev8 email address. Do not automatically email the label to the customer from within ShipStation as we have no way to verify that they received the email.
  8. Customer service processes the return upon arrival, and when ready the unit is taken to the warehouse production team to begin the repair service.
  9. Shipping notifies customer service when the repair is complete and ready to be shipped back. 
  10. Customer service contacts the customer to upsell, discuss the service costs, and to collect payment for the service, shipping, and any additional fees.
  11. Once payment has been collected, the unit is taken to the shipping department to be shipped back to the customer.