How do I loosen the stir tool on the SideKick?

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if the cx contacts us having problems getting the stir tool off on the sidekick to use the oil can, it is most likely the first time they are removing the screw holding everything in. when the Sidekick initially come the factory seal can be very tight. We have found it easiest to use a pair of pliers and a #1 screw driver. This gives you a bit more torque than the screw driver that came with the unit. Once you get the screw loosened, you will not have this problem any longer. Another way we have had luck with getting the screw off for the first time is to take the lid with the stir tool pointed up, and the stir gear away from you on for left pointer finger. with your right hand take the stir tool. Than hold the gear tightly, and push the stir tool to the left. This should loosen the screw enough to take the stir tool off.

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