How can I use my silver surfer SSV,super surfer or Da Buddha DBV with rosin

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There are a few ways to use rosin with the SSV, SUP or even the DBV.

  1. Quartz Dab dish
    1. This method is how daily dabber likes to consume.
  2. Adding to your flower in the flower bowl
    1. This is the inventor’s (Steve’s) favorite way.  Add your standard amount of flower to the bowl, then add some rosin on top of that.  Your first hit will mostly heat up the herbs and start to melt the rosin.  After each hit, stir the bowl.  At about your 3rd hit you will notice the hit is thicker than normal, as well as you will start to taste the rosin on top of the flower.  We find this method to be the least messy dealing with concentrates.
  3. Using the flavor disc
    1. The wand for the Surfer is designed to hold a ceramic flavor disc.  This will absorb and let your vaporizer the rosin or any concentrates as a nice vaping temperature giving you super flavorful hits.

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