How are gold rolling papers made like Shine?

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Gold rolling papers are made from regular papers that have a thin layer of gold sprayed on them.  Gold is the most malleable material on earth and can be as thin as 1 atom.

The manufacturers say the gold stays in the ash, but we do know that you can fume gold with the same temperature that a cherry in a joint is at.

Ask any glassblower and they will tell you the dangers of gold fuming while they work their craft. If someone trying to sell you gold papers tells you “it’s different these don’t burn as hot” please ignore them – their heartless goal is to make money from you regardless of the lung damage they cause. Using a torch lighter is exactly the same as using a torch on gold, it causes toxic fumes.
So, in our opinion this is a product to be avoided.  If you must smoke one go with the Shine papers, they’ve been around longer and are more honest in their approach “we don’t know if it’s toxic, we haven’t done any studies” as opposed to the others who will say anything to separate you from your money.


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