Ground glass wand is stuck in the conical heater cover and can’t be removed

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So far we have 3 ways to resolve this issue.

1. If the customer has a Da Buddha vape or Silver Surfer that has a conical wand and heater cover, allow the vape to cool for 30 minutes, then have them place the entire unit in the freezer for 20-30 mins. If they have a Silver Surfer, they should be able to remove the heater cover and wand from the unit, and place them in the freezer. Again, have them check it after 20-30 minutes. This has been working for most of our customers who call in with this problem.

2. Here’s another method they can try, but it hasn’t been working as often. It does however work sometimes, so it’s worth trying if the first method doesn’t work. Instruct cx to the urn heater on to full power. Once the heater cover is hot, have them wrap the WAND portion with a wet, cold cloth and try to pull it out. The heat will expand the heater cover while the cold will hopefully constrict wand and allow it to be removed.

3. If these efforts fail, one other thing they can try is to take the unit out of the freezer, and point a hair dryer directly onto the glass heater cover, and see if this helps loosen the joint enough to remove the wand. This should expand the glass heater cover just enough to release the wand.

It is important that we do NOT suggest that the customer break the glass, otherwise, we could be liable if they are injured in any way

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