Glass banger vs e-nail or portable dab rig? What are the differences and which is a better option?

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We feel the best is obviously a Silver Surfer with the dab dish attachment, or what we call the E-Banger.

Quartz Banger

Super portable
Good flavor

Must wait to touch as the banger is hot
Uses a lot of Butane
Makes some people feel like they are doing crack
The perfect temp is only for a short short time, so many over heat the banger


Gives a good hit every time when you find your setting

Many people tend to burn themselves, a chair or something in theis smoke session area gets burned
Heavy weight hanging on a rig
Not as portable as a banger or portable dab rig

Portable Dab Rig

Dabs on the go

Very large for on the go compared to a vape pen (try a wax maxer vape pen)
Glass is not compatible with other units
Batteries eventually go bad
Heaters burn our more rapidly than an e-nail or Silver Surfer E-Banger

Silver Surfer E-Banger

Set it and forget it, its built to last
Can also do dry flower/
Can be made as unique as you
Works with any rig with an atachment
Also works as an essential oil diffuser

Desktop so harder to take to your friends house

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