Elev8r screen material. Even if you choose the “all-glass” option, the quartz heater still has a metal screen? Why not make both screens glass? What type of metal is the screen made of? What are the advantages of a metal vs glass screen?

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The quartz part has a metal screen in it because it works.  We did try all glass or all quartz for the heater, but the glass is thick and absorbs the heat, in turn burning the herbs if they touch it.  The metal screen does not absorb as much heat making the unit work with less chance of burning your herbs.

The screen is made from stainless steel.

We have customers that do remove the screen to give them an all-glass pathway.  As much as we want to have this we feel we must have the screen in the quartz part for 90% of the people that do not care about all glass.

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