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Elev8 is a fun place to work where you can be you.   However, we do want Elev8 to be a place that people remember.  We also want to be a team, and dressing as a team sets us up as teammates.  Therefore we do require uniforms of a sort to be worn during EVERY shift.  This allows the team to look like a team giving the feeling of the Elev8 lifestyle.   If you do not show up dressed for success you will have to either clock out and go home to get your proper attire or purchase a new Elev8 shirt, jacket, or hat/beanie for half off.  If you would like anything embroidered you can bring it to the warehouse for free and they will embroider it for you, just give us about a week to get it done.  Or you can get the patch and sew it on for free.  The patch must be sewn on.

  • You must be wearing an Elev8, Silver Surfer, Elev8 Veterans shirt.   If you wear a jacket that is fine so long as it is an Elev8 Jacket and you must also wear an Elev8 shirt also.
    • If you wear a jacket you must not take it off as you will not be in alignment with the dress code.  This is to show everyone we are a team and we live the life we preach.
  • Pants- Jeans, khakis,  leggings, dresses, skirts, shorts as long as your butt checks are not hanging out. Be conservative and mostly be classy.   No pants can have holes or be see-through.  No pants that have a seam or are so tight it accentuates your private parts.
  • Sweaters and jackets. 
  • Shoes must be worn at all times at work.   
  • We want this to be a fun, clean and as high end as we can.

NOT APPROVED: Sweat pants, flip flops, see-through leggings,  short shorts,  see-through clothing, overly revealing shirts, crop tops, bandeaus.


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