Does holding in the smoke or vapor in your lungs make for a better high

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No, your lungs are VERY efficient and will extract the goodness you put in them very very quickly.  It is recommended to not hold your smoke or vapor for more than 3 seconds.  Vaping and smoking are different and are consumed a bit differently.  Below is how we recommend for smoking and vaping.

Best way to Smoke

Inhale your smoke and let it mix with air.  This is a good thing actually.  Breathe in the smoke and air so it fills your lungs fully.  This method should take about 3 seconds.  Then exhale once you lungs are full.

Best way to Vape

Vapor is much lighter than smoke so inhaling air with the vapor is not as necessary.  With a vape, and more so a whip vape made for flavor, you will want to inhale for 5-10 seconds.  We like the 10 seconds inhale.  Once you inhale the vapor, breath in so that your lungs are full, and then exhale.  If your lungs were full in the 10 seconds inhale, you will not need to inhale more air.


Using full lungs allows your lungs to use their full volume of surface area, making the hit more efficient.


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