Can you get the resin out of the Percs?

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Yes it is possible to get the reclaim or resin out of percolators with the right kind of cleaner. It can be harder to clean some percs. There are abrasive cleaners that you can pour into your piece, shake it up, and rinse it out. The grains in the cleaner help to scrape the unwanted materials off. There are other cleaners you can pour into your piece and just let soak then rinse. If one doesn’t work try a different cleaner. Some we recommend are Resinate, Kryptonite, 420 or 710 cleaner.

A hint to get it cleaner is to microwave your cleaner just a little to warm it up. If it is alcohol you are using you will want to only microwave for a short period of time as it gets hot faster than water. Also, DO NOT Breath the alcohol as it is not the same alcohol as what you drink.

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