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Taking a picture for different media requires pictures to be formatted differently.  We will talk about the best practices we have found for taking pictures for different platforms.

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Pictures for Video

  • The first thing you want to do is make sure you are taking a picture that is horizontal or in the landscape mode
    • We take pictures like this because computers and TV’s are landscape style.
    • Another reason to take a picture landscape is because that is our natural way of looking at things as our eyes go from left to right more than up and down.
  • Each camera has different settings.  For images when we do videos the best images size is 16:9 at around 3.7 M.  This could be different but there is no need to go to 16:9 (9mb).  This is a picture that is ridiculously large and not needed for Instagram or videos.
    • Sometimes if we are working on images that will be used for videos we will take short videos of about 3-10 seconds.  This is done moving in close, panning left to right or right to left.  Small motion makes a nice image when turned to a video
      • Video Size should be 1920 x 1080 filmed in HD.  Anything larger is too large for a standard phone or TV.  Also, most all our videos are meant to be on youtube which are watched on phones and tablets.


Pictures for Instagram 

We prefer images also to be shot in the horizontal or landscape formate.  The reason for this is that in Instagram you can zoom in to the image and make it work.  It can also be cropped after the image is taken to fit better.

The main reason to take an image horizontally when it feels better to take an image portrait style is that any time an image is in portrait it is very very hard to make it an image to be used in any blog, video or any other platform.



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