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Some of the products we sell are made in the USA, some are built in the USA and some are made in foreign countries

7th Floor Vaporizers are all as stated below.  All items are designed in Colorado Springs by Steve Kelnhofer

  • Silver Surfer has many of the metal and electronic parts made in China from factories that the owner has visited.  The parts are then brought to the USA for final assembly.
    • All Sublimation powder coating is done in the USA and all art is applied in-house
    • Much of the glass is made in the USA with the higher quality artistic parts made by Elev8 Premier.
  • Super Surfer is produced much the same as the Silver Surfer
  • Da Buddha Vaporizer is assembled more in China with all testing, fitting of glass and packaging done in the USA.
  • Elev8R Vaporizer kit is produced by Elev8 Premier with the Elev8R heater being made of quartz, it had to be made in China
  • Wax Maxer vaporizer is produced in China with final testing done in the USA.


This is made right in Colorado Springs and people are always welcome to come and visit them.


This glass is meticulously selected or designed by the owner from glass artists he has met and blown within China.

Elev8 Glass is either 100% foreign made or a mix of foreign and USA workers at the Elev8 Premier studio.  This does 2 things.  It allows us to offer affordable glass at the highest quality.  It also allows us to work with blowers in the USA that may not have the skill set that the high-end water pipes require.


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