Washing Diffuser Beads from China

Washing Diffuser Beads

All diffuser beads coming out of the plastic bags that came from the shipment need to be washed before they can be used in Vapor Tamers, or sold as Diffuser Beads, or Terp Pearls.

These are the things you’ll need to complete this task:

  • Diffuser beads that are dirty
  • Colander (Plastic one that lives with the Diffuser beads or Metal one from the Bath Bombs area)
  • Dry Towel or Dry T-shirts
  • Sink
  • Flat Surface
  • Plastic Bin to put the clean Diffuser Beads in.

The process:

  1. Lay out the towel or t-shirt flat on the surface.
  2. Fill the colander with dirty diffuser beads **Don’t fill the colander with more beads than you can dry in one layer on the towel**

3. Once colander is adequately filled, bring it over to the sink.

4. Start running warm water over the beads, and stirring them with your hand.

5. Once the beads have been stirred and have all been rinsed, turn off the water.

6. Over the sink still, shake off as much water as possible before moving back to the towel.

7. Don’t worry about some of the beads getting out of the colander, they will not fit through the drain cover.

8. Once the colander does not have water draining out of the bottom bring it to where the dry towel is laid out.

9. Spread the beads out as best as you can to a uniform single layer.

10. Next fold the ends of the towel over top of the beads and start to press the end covering the beads while still rolling them between the towels.

11. Repeat the process with the other end.

12. Do this as long as you can still feel moisture on the beads.

13. Once the beads feel dry unfold the towel ends and again spread the beads into a single layer on the towel.

14. Allow the beads to sit on the towel until the towel has dried.

15. Once the towel has dried and the beads are completely dry, locate the Plastic Bin of clean Diffuser beads.

16. Bring the bin over to where you have the Diffuser Beads drying.

17. Remove the bag of individually packaged Terp Pearls and set aside.

18. Pick up the corners of the towel to bring the beads into the center and while holding one end of the towel over the bin, funnel the Diffuser Beads into the bin of clean beads.

19. Once complete, replace the Individually packaged Terp pearls back in the bin and put the lid back on, replace it on the rack with the rest of the Diffuser Beads.

20. If using the metal colander, return it to the Bath Bombs Office, if Plastic return to the Diffuser beads that need to be cleaned area.

Printing Location Tags for Inventory

Printing Location Tags for Inventory.

Go to the Creation Computer, in the production floor area.

Make sure a full Label is fed into the Dymo Printer.

If a half label is in the printer press the front button to advance the feed and remove it.

Once the full label is confirmed loaded, open a Chrome browser window, and navigate to https://elev8.one

Login with your user name and password or if Elev8.one is already logged in to another user, proceed to Products.

Once on Products, use the search field to type in the product you would like to print the label for.

If the product is one variant of a style you may need to sort through for the correct one (example Bangers)

Once the correct Product is located.

Click on the Hamburger Menu in the Top Left of the product Card.

Once the drop down menu opens, Left Click on Print Dymo

Give it a few seconds, after which the label should print out.

If you have additional tags to print, start the process back from the Product search field and locate the remaining products.

If this is the only tag you were looking to print, tear the label from the printer, and affix it to the location for the product.

Price tag printer printing two labels

If the price tag printer is printing a price tag and then spitting out a second blank label, there is a way to fix that.

First make sure that the correct template is selected.

On the print window look near the bottom to where it states “Options” below that should be “Item Template:”

There will be a drop down box make sure it is set to Elev8 Tag or Hemp Tag.

If it was different change to the appropriate template and try printing again.

If that was correct move on to the next step.

Look at the same print dialog box and find the button labeled “Calibrate”, left click on that, and let it do it’s process.

After the calibration process is complete try printing again.

If the labels are still printing incorrectly contact Adam to diagnose  what is causing it.