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How would I get signed up for a live glass blowing class?

You can sign up for our glass blowing classes at You can see that by clicking on this link .

How do I get to the knowledge base?

Here are all the knowledgebases: Elev8Distribution Elev8 Glass Gallery retail shops Elev8 at Home Partners

When do terpenes burn or vape off?

Many terpenes start to boil or vaporizer from the herb at a lower temperature than when some of the other cannabinoids tend to vaporize off of the herb. You can learn more about the temperatures that the terpenes and cannabinoids vaporizer at the art of vaporizing .

What is lampworking? Is it different from glass blowing?

Lampworking is another term used for glassblowing. Lampworking is more what a glassblower does when they work on a torch. You can learn more about lampworking by clicking here .