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How does an artist create reticello (RATACHELLO) lines?

Ratachello lines are  done by pulling thin stringers and then drawing the lines around a tube, then drawing the lines in the opposite direction so it makes the crisis cross pattern.

Is it unsafe to have uranium glass in your house?

Yes, it is safe as the amount of Uranium in the glass is very small.

Are fritted percolators the same as honeycomb?

No, Here is a frit disc per, and here is a honeycomb perc    

How are the bubble in a bubble trap prep made?

Bubble trap can be done in many ways actually.  Adding lines, and crisis crossing them and then sleeving will trap air.  Rolling on a frog pad will put indents in the glass and then sleeving will trap air.  One can push a dent into the glass with a TI pick and then put glass over […]

How do you sculpt glass?

This is learned over time and gaining skills.  Glass can sculpt pretty much just like clay.  But you need to keep it warm and only have so much time to sculpt before it becomes too hard.

Are frit disk percs difficult to make?

Like anything the answer is the less you know, the harder it is to make.  After time knowing the process one can easily make a frit disc perc.  Elev8 Premier has actually made them.  We do not like them much as they clog so ridiculously easy.

What is Unobtanium? and how is it used in glass?

Unobtanium is just a glass color by Northstar that is blue with sparkles.  It is so sexy, but it is very unstable with many other colors and can crack later in the future.

is there a difference between switchball and wigwag?

Yes. A wig-wag is just that.  It is just the back and forth bends.  The spirals on the ends of the wig-wags are from when the axis is changed, thus making it a switch ball. A switch ball and a reversal are the same thing.

What do people mean when they’re looking for double blown pieces? Whish is is beneficial?

Like triple blown this is a very loose term.  In reality, it takes about 2-6 times to meltdown and blow out a piece of glass.  The thicker the inside glass, the more it needs to condense and expand to get the glass all even.  To know if a piece is good, look inside.  If it […]

Is glass faceted before or after it is attached to the rig or after the whole piece is put together?

Glass is faceted before it is attached to the final rig.