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How do you measure a downstem?

Read our Blog on measuring a downstem.   QUICK INFO HOW TO MEASURE FOR A DOWNSTEM AND BUY ONE Insert a straight object into downstem Bring the straight object out of the downstem 1/2 inch Mark with your finger Use your measuring tape and record the measurement You have your downstem size for Elev8

Is it possible to change my joint size on my 14mm female to 10mm female?

Yes it is. We do glass repair and customization. You can bring your piece into Elev8 Glass Gallery at 517 S Tejon St or Higher Elevations 1323 Paonia St both in Colorado Springs.  The price starts at $60 to do this.   Working an already worked piece does create an issue that the piece could break.  […]

What is fire polish

This is when a blower uses the flame to make a sharp edge rounded, or a rough part in the glass smooth.  The fire melts the glass, essentially polishing it. When a ground joint is fire polished the grind or sanded look will disappear.  This can work fine and 80% of the time will not […]

What are the expectations that should be set for customers ordering custom glass? Time frames, pricing, refunds, warranty.

1) Custom glass orders will cost at least 100$: the charge is for time for the blower and materials, as creating custom items are time-consuming and could have things that break. 2) Custom Work can take anywhere between 1-8 Weeks to complete, as the time frame depends on the glass shops workload and availability of […]

what is the difference between Elev8 Presents and Elev8 Premier?

Elev8 Presents is our media side while Elev8 Premier is a glassblowing studio.

Was the production glass made here?

This depends if it is Elev8 Glass or Elev8 Premier glass.   Elev8 is typically foreign-made while Elev8 Premier is made in Colorado Springs.

what’s the best way to use a glass straw or nectar collector for concentrate?

Please see our blog

how long should i heat my banger?

We have a blog to help you with the many different ways to heat your banger We like the cold start method the best.

What is elev8 glass?

See Our Page

How much would a fully worked beaker tube cost from Steve? 12 inches tall. Color: Alien Skin Tech his favorite :)

This all depends on how much time it takes.  There are many alien skin techniques he uses.  He charges $100 an hour.  Is it a removeable or worked in downstem, this will make it cost way more to have a worked in downstem.  It can range from $200-$1500