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What in the melting or breaking point of quartz glass?

See the blog for more info and see Fused Quartz for more info on quartz. Quartz : COE of 5.5 ⋅ 10−7/K (average from 20…320 °C) Softening point: 3029 F, 1665 C Annealing point 2084 F, 1140 C

What is the average time to blow a simple clear spoon pipe?

AHHHH this question This all depends on the skill set of the blower.  A newbie will take maybe 15 and the pipe will look like crap.   A good blower can wing one out in 8 and look amazing.   Now this also depends on how thick the glass is as thinner is way faster. When you […]

What is the difference between a “Murinni” and “Millie”?

See our Blog of Terms A milli is more pictures and a murinni is more of a face.  They can be made the same, but a different.  

What is a “Millie”?

See our Blog on Terms and techniques A combination of the Italian words “mille” (thousand) and “fiori” (flowers). Milli by a blower – Ok so all those picture chips, those are what we call millies. They started long ago with basic shapes turned to flowers. Now the technique is used to make all kinds of […]

What does “Dot Tech” mean?

Dot tech may mean dot implosion or dot stack.  There are a lot of terms used that are made up.  It could also mean honeycomb, but probably not. See the blog of terms   Dot stack Implosion

How do you know if your frit infused banger is heated up or cooled down enough? (like the Whitney Harmon bangers)

The best way is to see our blog on this.  Red is hot, orange is good and yellow is cold.

What does it mean when a pipe is sleeved?

A glassblower will sleeve a pipe or sleeve glass when they want more clear on the outside.  Many times this is done for glass-like cadmium glass that will boil when placed in the flame.  Most all linework glass is sleeved.   Most all dicrho glass is sleeved. Many time this is also done to stretch the […]

Why do some colors come in opaque rods/tubes but are translucent when pulled?

This is because of the minerals in the color.   The thinner the minerals get in the glass the thinner the minerals get thus making the color look see-through or transparent. At a molecular level, we are all see-through.

What is vac stack and lined tubing? Are wig wags made from this?

Lined tubing is made from rods of color stacked in a tube.  The air is removed and you are left with colored tubing. This colored tubing is used to wig wag the glass.   The the blower can switch the access to make a switch ball. Wig wags can be made a few ways.  A neat […]

Why is there only silver and gold fuming? Why not copper or other metals?

Over time pretty much all metals have been tried with only gold and silver giving us the visual look we want. It could be due to the fact that gold and silver Some metal can become toxic when heated to a point that they fume.  Stick to gold and silver with a TON of moving […]