Why is this product page not loading on Elev8GlassGallery.com? What do I do when a product page returns a “Server Error” message?

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If you try to open a product on the front end of our website (Elev8GlassGallery.com) and the page won’t load, this typically means that there is some conflicting option selected or enabled in the back end of the product. Attempting to open the product page in this case will return a message that says “Server Error. Something went wrong… Please try again later.”

Note: Before trying to diagnose this issue, make sure you attempt to open a few other unrelated product pages to confirm that the problem is only affecting one specific product. Sometimes BigC has server errors that can prevent pages from being opened, but this will typically affect the entire site and not a single product. If you are only getting this error when you attempt to open one specific product, then there is definitely a conflict in the product’s

It seems that the most common reason for a product page returning a Server Error message is a conflict in the product’s option set. You can verify this by removing the option set and then saving the product without the option set (make sure you take note of the name of the option set, so that you can add it back in later).  If the product loads fine after removing the option set then you have confirmed that there is a conflict in the product options. If the product is still returning a “Server Error” message after removing the option set then contact Adam/IT and enlist some help.

If you determine that the option set is causing the product page not to load, then go through the product options that make up that option set. There will likely be at least one product pick list option which has “Yes, adjust the inventory for these products when purchased” selected, and a conflict can potentially occur when the parts used for such a product option are set to “Do not track inventory”. If we aren’t tracking inventory for a part then BigC can’t adjust the inventory for that part when the product is purchased, and this causes a conflict in BigC’s code that breaks the page. If the inventory is not being tracked for the parts in a product option, then that product option should NOT have “Yes, adjust the inventory for these products when purchased” selected. Deselect it, save the product option, and then add the option set to the product once again and try to load the product page. If the product loads without any issue then you have found and eliminated the issue! If not then contact Adam/IT and ask for help.