Where is the world of cannabis consumption going to go? Are we headed to a tech based world of getting high? Self cleaning bongs? Robot arm dispenser dabbers? Wifi-Rigs/coffee maker? Will the future of getting ripped look like something the jetsons would use?

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No one really knows, but we went from rolling a joint with fire to vaping the herb, and now to dabbing.

We really love the world of cannabis and really love vaping the flower.  We find that looking at this amazing flower lets us know how it was taken care of.  Can I see the trichomes, what about the hairs?  Is it dense?  So much with the flower.  With a vape like the Silver Surfer, you get to inspect your herb, love it and make a ritual out of it.  Then vaping lets you taste the true flavor of the herb, while smoking just makes it taste like a turd.

So yes, we do see machines helping us to consume in the future.

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