Wax Maxer Vaporizer Troubleshooting

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Troubleshooting the Wax Maxer V2 Pro Dab Pen:

  • The heater seems to go out or burn out very fast.
    • Your Wax Maxer heater will last a very long time if you keep it from over heating.  This will happen when it runs dry.  The concentrates in the pen actually also help to keep the heater cool.  Make sure that your heater is ALWAYS in contact with oils, and preferably under oil.
  • Red light blinks 3 times when pressed:
    • Explanation: Heater has a short.
    • Fix:
      • Remove the heater and press the button again. If the battery blinks Red again 3 times (with no heater installed), the battery has a short and needs to be replaced.
      • If the battery lights up normally with no atomizer, make sure to clean the heater thoroughly, and install it again. If the battery blinks Red again 3 timesthe heater has a short and needs to be replaced.
  • Red light blinks 10 times when pressed:
    • Explanation: Battery capacity is too low.
    • FixCharge battery.


  1. Make sure your battery is completely Locked.
  2. Plug your micro USB into the side of your Wax Maxer Pro battery.
  3. Plug your cable into a wall charger.
  4. Your battery will light up and while charging.
  5. Your battery light will turn off once fully charged (4-5 hours).


  • Do not leave the charger in extreme temperatures (Very Hot or Very Cold)
  • Do not charge near moist environments.
  • Do not leave the battery hanging by its cable. Make sure it is in a stable position.
  • Do not leave charging for extended periods of time.
  • Charge only on non flammable surfaces or in a metal box
  • Charge in a well-ventilated area. 
  • When charging, allow the battery to charge completely prior to using