Should my heater be glowing red all the way through?

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No, the heater on the Elev8 desktop vaporizers like the Silver Surfer, Super Surfer and Da Buddha have in reality a small spot that actually get super hot.  This spot will also radiate out further up and down the heater, but it is about 3/8 inch that gets hot.

In the image below there is a heater that is about 4 years old on the LEFT.  The new heater on the right as you can see glows pretty much the same.

The heater will either work at 100% or it will not work.  The heater will runs its life full until it can no longer work.  This can be from 3-15 years with most heaters lasting to about 7-9.

If you feel your heater is not getting hot enough, this could be an issue of your heater sitting too low in the heater cover.

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