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Also there is this for anyone that needs help with Ship station

 ShipStation University Preparing Orders for Shipping Course

If learning by doing is more your style, take the ShipStation University Preparing Orders for Shipping course. The lesson videos will show you the different ways you can configure your shipments as well as how to split orders into multiple shipments or combine multiple shipments into one.

To create a multi-package shipment:

  1. Click the plus sign + next to the Package drop-down in the Configure Shipment Widget.
    Configure Shipment Widget. Red box highlights the PLUS sign next to the Package dropdown.

    ShipStation will open the Multi-Package Shipment editor.

    If the + is not present next to the package drop-down, that means the selected carrier does not support multi-package shipments.

  2. Set the dimensions, weight, and insurance option for the first package.
  3. Click Add Package to add another package, or click Duplicate to add a package with the same shipping options.
  4. Repeat step 3 to add as many packages as you need.

    Click the down arrow to add multiples of 5, 10, or 15 packages at once.

  5. Check the box to Save New Package Set if this is a package configuration you’ll use again.
  6. Click Save Packages.
    GIF showing how to add packages for a multi-package shipment

The Configure Shipment Widget will show the number of packages for this shipment next to the package drop-down menu.

Configure Shipment Widget. At right of Package dropdown that reads, "Multi Package", Red box highlights Plus 2, for two packages in Order

To modify any packages on this shipment, click the plus sign + to reopen the Multi-Package Shipment editor.

Click Create + Print Label to print all associated labels for the multi-package shipment.

Multi-package labels will print the same way they do for any other shipment, only there will be more of them. Each individual package will have its own tracking number and label, but there will be a master tracking number that will track all included packages. This master tracking number will appear in the Tracking # column for the shipment and will also be the tracking number sent to your marketplace and customer.

See our Add Insurance to Shipments article to learn how to apply insurance for multi-package shipments.

Send Multiple Tracking Numbers To Your Customers

ShipStation’s shipment notification email will include only the master tracking number. To send the additional tracking numbers to your customers, you must do so outside of ShipStation.