Is there a specific territory you are only allowed to sell inside of for Elev8 At Home?

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You are allowed to sell in any territory you like.

The biggest rule we have is to ask someone if they have heard of Elev8 before.  If they have heard of Elev8 before, ask them how they heard of it and if they are working with anyone with Elev8 At Home.

If they have not heard of Elev8 before feel free to educate them.

  • If someone has heard of Elev8 At Home ask if they have bought from them?
    • If they have bought from them ask how long ago?
    • If it is longer than 4 months that person is open to be sold to

If they have not bought from them ask them when they last talked to the representative that told them about Elev8 At Home.

If the time is longer then 30 days you are able to educate them further.



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