How To Use Trello For Elev8 – Production, repairs, customer service and sales

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Trello is an amazing tool we use to keep track of jobs.  Jobs can be tracking a product, and order, new art or many others things.

Trello is our Elev8 Home of communication for things that need tracking and accountability

  1. Log into Trello
    1. You will go to the board that is for your job.  Once in you will see lists of cand cards.  The inbox is what needs attention
    2. You may also see template lists.  This is so you can easily make a new card for a project or job.
    3. Watch this video to learn more
  2. When you get a card in your trello board inbox, you will need to follow the checklist for the card.  Do the tasks and if you have any questions, ask admin.
  3. To make a comment to another staff member, you will use the @ and their department.  You can see then here