How to Drain the Air Compressor

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  1. Make sure you have a pair of Ear Muffs, which should be located next to the Air Compressor, before you drain the Air Compressor, this task is very loud and can damage your ear drums! SAFETY FIRST!
  2. Turn the Blue Valve on the Bottom of the Air Compressor Tank at a slight angle towards you, do not turn the valve more than a 45 degree angle!
  3. Keep the valve open until all of the moisture is removed from the bottom of the tank, you will see the mist when you first turn the valve, when the mist is gone, the tank has been drained of the water.
  4. Close the Valve on the Bottom of the tank, then go to the wall, you will notice a valve on the wall, it is hooked up with the air compressor, do the same to this valve, turn the valve no more than a 45 degree angle and release the moisture in the lines!
  5. There is also a valve to open and drain behind the Litton Lathe (gray lathe in corner)
  6. Once this is done and you no longer see mist, close the valve and get back to work!