How To Become An Elev8 At Home Partner

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Here we will talk about how one becomes an Elev8 At Home partner.

  1. The first step is that a person must sign up on this page.
    1. The partner should read this page and understand it.
    2. The then need to click on the SIGN-UP button.
  2. Next, they fill out the form
    1. If they were referred by a person the will enter the person’s name that referred them.  Many times the partner will give them a link to sign up to the new partner signs up under them.   You will see these options in the Omnistar
  3. When it is time to approve a partner you will go to the Omnistar and copy their info into this spreadsheet.
    1. To add a partner to the website you will follow these instructions.
  4. Once they are added to the spreadsheet you will need to send out this email.
    1. Make sure you replace the XXXXXX after Hi with their name.
    2. You will add their code to the XXXXX in the code area that you get when you make the coupon code in Big Commerce.
    3. You will not make a web page until they reply to this email with their photo for it.
  5. Now you have a reply from the partner and you have their image for the site!
    1. Build the banner
    2. Add them to Big Commerce
    3. Add their items to the site.
    4. Test all the links to make sure its working

You are done!

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