how do i get better hits off my ssv if it doesnt seem to be proving enough vapor?

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The SSV should be able to burn your herb if you have it turned all the way up, and inhale slow.   This is NOT what you want, but this is the control you need, for say cleaning the screen.

If your SSV is not getting you the hit you would like try these solutions

  1. Look at the heater in the heater cover.  It should be straight up and about 1/8 – 1/16 of an inch from the top of the heater cover.   The heater should NEVER touch the heater cover.  The heater will crack the glass.
  2. Does the heater glow if turned up all the way?  If yes, does it dim?  You can see this by the indicator light on the SSV and SUP.  If it is dimming, as you adjust your knob, the unit is working.  Try to inhale a bit slower and or turn up the heat.
  3. Last, if your herb is low on oils, it just will not get big hits.
  4. Add a little more herb to the wand, not filling it up too much, but more than just a little bit in the bowl.