EP Monthly Consignment

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Monthly Consignment – this needs to be done at the end of the month for the 1st payroll of the month if possible

  1. Open Big Commerce
  2. Pull up Monthly Consignment Sales Google sheet – click the correct year tab – (each year you will have to create a new tab)
  3. In BC, search for the SKU COLAB.  This will bring up any item sold that needs to be paid out.  Most blowers are in-house blowers – Shimkus, Simply Jeff, Seanotron, Kelnhofer (and variations of this name), one at a time to find orders for the month end.  All consignment glass will always start with COLAB in the SKU for each searching
  4. On the order, look for the piece that has the blower’s name. Record the information needed on the left side of the Monthly Consignment Sales google sheet.
  5. There are formulas in this sheet, make sure you drag the correct formulas in the correct column/row. This information is used by the Glass Studio Manager
  6. Total the “Payment Amt to EP” column. This is EP’s portion of the sale. Write a check from ED’s check book and deposit to EP’s account. Memo = Monthly Consignment-Month
  7. Make sure you record ck# used to pay EP next to the total. See previous months for an example.