Do Different strains vape differently?

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Yes, this is the beauty of the Silver Surfer

Each strain is different, let along even if they are called the same strain, but did not come from a clone, they are different, just like children.  Only a clone can represent the strain of what it is.

With the art of vaporizing you will be able to truly taste the flavor of the flower compared to combustion.  With the new ballers series heater, the flower can deliver dab hits also.

We find the sip the flower when vaping gives great hits, as well as give you the ability to taste the rainbow flavor of that flower.  The flavor will change as you vape it to a more roasted flavor, this is normal.  As you gain a pallet for the roasted herbs, you will notice each strain will have a different ending flavor.

Some flower vapes great, it has a lot of oils, some flower does not make much vapor, it is low on oils and is what one might call bunk weed.